Our Story

Rocketwerx began with a passion

RocketWerx Coffee Roasters founder Thomas Shutts is a man with a passion for perfection, a love of roasting his own blends of coffee that not only taste great, but come with a hint of his humor and personality. Thomas believes that in a competitive industry, staying true to himself and his love of great coffee, set him apart from the rest. Paying attention to detail and working hard to get the perfect flavor without “over-roasting” his product makes him unique in a market of trendy coffee shops and roasts that can “blend together” when compared.

The name Rocketwerx stems back to Thomas’ childhood and his love of rockets. Thomas tells the story of when he was a child and all of the neighborhood kids were gifted brand new rockets to play with; but his father believed that toys were not a priority.  That inspired Thomas to make his own rockets by hand, and he was even creative enough to shoot his own off out of his upstairs window, fire powered like the rest of them. Hearing stories like this about how Thomas grew up truly explains the man he is now.

A family man that adores his wife and daughter, Thomas personally delivers every handmade order to his clients: and the testimonials from them, not only show that he is great at what he does, but that he puts the same effort into his business as he does in his personal life. For Thomas his business is personal, because it is a reflection of him and his dedication. 


Thomas has personally assembled all of the roasting equipment he uses to make sure it is done properly and with care. He is not your typical business owner driven by quick growth and short term trends; he has created Rocketwerx Coffee Roasters with passion, skill and a love for what he does. Finding a self-made company with such dedication and commitment is rare, but loving the product that comes with it, is truly something that has become a rarity.

Rocketwerx is the perfect blend of product and passion,

and of course: pride of ownership.