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About Rocketwerx

Hello, my name is Thomas and for all intents and purposes, I am Rocketwerx (which is to say that I source the coffee, I roast the coffee and I create the Blends).


Typically a coffee company divides each aspect of the operation and then hires a coffee roaster. I prefer to handle the most critical aspects of the business myself. Some may wonder why I take on so many roles? The answer is simple: I’m a perfectionist. I absolutely love coffee and the only way to guarantee that what I offer is of the highest possible quality is to be directly involved in each critical step from bean to cup.

This model keeps the business relatively small but, more importantly, it allows me to create exceptionally high quality coffee at reasonable prices. As a man who understands the value of hard work, I want working people to be able to afford something as luxurious as an Ultra-Fresh high quality coffee.

Like most coffee roasters, I source my coffee through International coffee brokers. I’ve also developed relationships with coffee producers and currently about 33% of my stock is Farm Direct. Beyond this I source as much FTO as possible to ensure that my industry continues on it’s “Green” path and that farm workers are earning livable wages.

Every Single Origin (S.O.) coffee and Blend I carry has been cupped by me directly. I don’t rely on Q-graders* to do my work for me. They can be helpful initially but over the years I’ve come to rely on the consistency my own palate. Consequent to this, my brokers do at times find me…difficult. I reject about 80% of the coffee I cup despite recommendations. ( I make up for being ‘difficult’ by being generally agreeable and kind by nature…( I guess that makes me about 80% likable…if I’m doing the math right).

Now…I suppose you might have wondered about the name Rocketwerx? I know it’s doesn’t evoke an immediate thirst for coffee. In my defense however, I don’t think sparsely dressed mermaids do either. Rocketwerx is my ode to NASA. As a child I vividly remember gathering around the television set and watching the NASA Apollo launches. Such utter and absolute coolness! ‘Steely eyes missile men’ being strapped to a flying bomb and launched into space! Of course I also love goofy sci-fi movies with their silver jump-suited rocketeers careening through asteroid belts while surviving one weird alien encounter after another. Well…before I get completely carried away…coffee roasting machinery has a certain gleaming metallic sci-fi vibe to it. The roaster blasts jets of fire onto a spinning metal drum while whirring, steam-punkish machines removing stones from roasted coffee…it’s all quite reminiscent. So, there it is. Even the little red rocket on my coffee labels makes me smile nostalgically. I hope it makes you smile too! And even if it doesn’t…you’ll love the coffee!  


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