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Hello, my name is Thomas and for all intents and purposes, I am Rocketwerx (which is to say that I source the coffee, I roast the coffee and I create the Blends).


Hear it from our CEO

Hello, please allow me to introduce myself. My Name is Thomas. I am the owner/ operator of Rocketwerx Coffee Roasters.

Rocketwerx is a small - boutique coffee roasting company that specializes in Ultra-Fresh Single Origin coffees and Special Blends. As the Master Roaster, I personally source, select and roast virtually every coffee I make available to my customers. I love coffee. I know that you do too, so the coffees I acquire throughout the year have to meet a very high standard. It’s no exaggeration to say that I reject the vast majority of coffees I cup when deciding which coffees I’m willing to invest in. I have a rather discerning palate (as I’m sure you do) and any coffee that makes the cut is going to be delicious.

You’ll note that every coffee I offer has a general flavor description on each label. That description will occasionally change slightly with each season as the flavor profile of each coffee varietal changes somewhat with each harvest. Each coffee also has a more detailed flavor description for those unfamiliar with a particular S.O. or Blend. If you’re a first time customer then welcome to Rocketwerx! You might want to start your coffee adventure with a Starter Kit. If you are and experienced Rocketeer then welcome back! Either way I’m so glad you’re here!

The Rocketwerx Coffee Starter Kit

Our Starter Kits include 4 Half-Pound coffee selections of your choice. Read the cupping notes available for each S.O and Blend and see which ones fit your tastes. We encourage you to be adventurous! Each Kit costs only $38 plus shipping! Have fun!

 Limited Edition Offerings

When we get our hands on something special you’ll be the first to know! We’ll send our subscribers a notice of what’s coming. You can even reserve a coffee before it becomes available to the public!  

Better Coffee for a Better World

At Rocketwerx we believe in sustainable and responsible farming. We also believe that workers deserve livable wages. To this end we offer F.T.O (Fair Trade Organic) and Farm Direct coffee to our customers. 


“Being one with a limited exposure to crafted coffee, it has been a joy and tasty pleasure to have Rocketwerx wonderful blends! As the saying goes; “when you know better – you do better!”

Ouida P.  Parker, AZ

“Thomas high quality standards, the consistency of his roasting and his service are unmatched. We provide our customers Sacramento’s best coffee because we can rely on Rocketwerx to offer us the best.

Tiferet Coffee House   Sacramento, CA

“Rocketwerx is The Place to order coffee! You can’t buy it fresher than this. The blends are creative and thoughtful and the Names of the blends match Thomas’ quirky sense of humor ( such as the Double Dog Dare and the Dark One ). Don’t miss out!”

Trudy N.   Fair Oaks, CA

Every bag of coffee from Rocket Werx is carefully and wonderfully roasted by Tom himself. Each cup has a deep earthy flavor that is smooth and pairs well with any ones favorite coffee additives. Coffee so good guests and employees alike can drink it for years and always enjoy a cup (or two) a day. Anyone who loves coffee will appreciate the depth of flavors in a cup of Rocket Werx. 

Shelby Davis
The Porch Restaurant 
Sacramento CA 

“Thomas is dedicated to customer service, fast shipping and amazing tasting coffee. I will never be able to buy coffee anywhere else again!”

Michael K.  Sacramento, CA

I always look forward to receiving my coffee beans from Rocketwerx!
My beans arrive quickly and they are always fresh. I can't wait to brew a cup!
I've tried so many coffee roasters over the years and I finally found my favorite with Rocketwerx!

Cindy M
San Francisco, CA

“Rocketwerx makes fresh, delicious coffee. The beans are roasted to perfection. I live in L.A. and have tried other coffee roasters. Nothing out there is better than Rocketwerx!”

William W.   Sherman Oaks, CA

Thomas takes great pride and puts all of his heart and soul into creating each coffee blend. Beans are always freshly roasted and delivery is made quickly. Always a rich, smooth, aromatic cup of coffee with no bitterness and lots of love. I enjoy purchasing from a local small business and having a friendly relationship with the best of coffee roasters!!!

Tiferet Coffee House   Sacramento, CA

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